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Financial Legal Help

Are you lost in financial problems and don't know where to start? Nichole T. Compton and Associates are here to help. With over 15 years of assisting clients to deal with bankruptcy, credit repair, estate planning, and more, Nichole is ready to assist you. Call to schedule an appointment, 502-509-7002.

Credit Repair

Find more financial freedom by partnering with Nichole to help repair your credit. She's helped many clients prepare strategies to improve their credit. Whether it's due to overdue bills, late credit card payments, or other credit-damaging items, Nichole will guide you through the overwhelming debt.


Dealing with bankruptcy can be filled with embarrassment and shame. However, when you partner with Nichole, you will find judgment-free help with your financial situation. Whether it is Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, she has the experience needed to help you. Some of the ways Nichole has helped her bankrupt clients in the past include

  • Saving her client's homes and preventing them from being foreclosed
  • Prevent/stop paychecks from being garnished
  • End bill collector's harassment
  • Prevent car from being repossessed
  • Help to build credit. 

Estate Planning

Find peace of mind for your estate after working with Nichole on your estate planning solutions. Her goal is to guide you through the legalities of estate planning and make it an easy, smooth process. Working with Nichole ensures your assets, finances, and other wishes are protected and honored for your family.

Find financial peace and call Nichole today at 502-509-7002.

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