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Nichole T. Compton

Nichole T. Compton is a proud Kentucky native and born in Louisville.

She holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Arts and Technology Management from Berea College. After that, Nichole graduated from the University of Louisville, where she received both her Master of Business Administration focusing on Entrepreneurship and her Juris Doctor degrees.

Nichole passed the bar on the first time and immediately hung her own shingle in the heart of downtown Louisville. In 2010, she ran for Jefferson District Court Judge, Division 10. After a small hiatus to write her two books and work on personal projects, she has resumed practicing full-time. Currently, she is the managing attorney of Nichole T. Compton & Associates, PLLC, providing legal and mediation services utilizing technology. Additionally, Nichole is a certified mediator (civil and family matters) and national arbitrator.

Nichole always finds time to connect with her community, whether it is giving pro bono legal and mediation services, mentoring high school students, sitting on various boards or volunteering at the local law schools. She also serves as a court appointed attorney each week representing parents accused of child abuse or neglect in the Jefferson County Family Court system from 2007-2012. Her volunteerism has earned her community recognition and many honors and awards over the years such as the Jefferson County Public Schools "Champions for Children" awards, which she received more than once.

Nichole Compton also offers seminars and workshops on various business and legal issues and is a professional motivational speaker with Great Black Speaker and Great Professional Speakers Bureaus as well as other speakers bureaus. She is available to be booked for your business, group or organization also.

"Before I became an attorney, I had to hire an attorney for my family court needs. So I know the burden that large legal bills can place on the average working person, but as an attorney I also know and have seen firsthand what happens when someone tries to go at it alone. Many times, the matter gets convoluted and distorted, causing the person to have to pay more money to repair the matter than they would have if they initially sought help from an attorney."

~ Nichole T. Compton

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