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Nichole T. Compton and Associates is a boutique firm headquartered in Louisville, KY, which maintains a virtual law office that helps people with various legal needs.

The owner Nichole Compton offers help for accident, car wreck and personal injury victims. The firm also assists with many financial and business-related matters, such as contract drafting, bankruptcy, credit repair and debt resolution, business start-up and estate planning.
The firm charges flat rates for most services or contingency, where you do not pay anything until your case is settled. This eliminates any uncertainty from your legal expenses.


Were you hurt in a car accident or motorcycle crash?

Nichole T. Compton will gladly assist you in receiving the fair and just compensation you deserve from the damage to you (physically and emotionally) and your vehicle.

We also help in slip-and-fall cases, dog bites, and other ways you may have been injured due to another person's negligence or fault.

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If you are struggling with your credit, handling bankruptcy problems, or need some legal, or financial help, let us be the first place you call. We believe in maintaining a judgment-free environment so you may be transparent about the state of your finances. We only want to help you develop a strategy to be financially free and at peace.

Believe me. There is no case too tough. We have seen it all.

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From starting a business to selling it and everything in between, Nichole T. Compton has helped many business owners both nationally and locally with legal and business issues.

Not only is Nichole a businesswoman who has started and owns many ventures, she has also helped aspiring business owners and worked for Fortune 500 companies as well. She has a Master degree in Business Administration from UofL, with a focus in Entrepreneurship, in addition to her Juris Doctor. She also teaches business and entrepreneurship as an adjunct.

As a female and small business owner herself, her goal is to have other businesses succeed and be profitable establishments in the community.

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While we focus primary on specific areas of law, the firm can also help you in the following legal matters:

— Traffic Tickets: We will fight on your behalf to get traffic tickets either thrown out or the fine significantly reduced.

— Uncontested Divorce: Divorce proceedings still need to be correctly filed and completed even if uncontested. Our attorneys can help you through that process, making it seamless and easy, especially if you both are in agreement.

— Expungements: We can make sure your criminal record gets expunged if you qualify. Those that have convictions as a Juvenile, or were charged but not convicted with a felony, may be eligible.

— Name Changes: We will make sure all the proper paperwork is submitted on your behalf for a name change, no matter if it is a personal choice, recent marriage, or dissolution of a marriage.



Save Time

  • Ability to handle your legal affairs outside traditional business hours
  • Access to an experienced, licensed attorney and her staff almost 24/7 virtually
  • Eliminate the hassle of traveling through traffic and long distances to come to an office and wait
  • May be able to avoid going to court (most services), especially if the attorney can go for you
  • No need to make an appointment (for almost all services offered)

Save Money

  • Most services offered at a flat rate
  • Affordable rates for services, since the overhead of physical office space is eliminated
  • Save gas money since no need to travel anywhere
  • Eliminate the need to take off work to come to an office and wait
  • No-hassle pricing. You know your fee upfront, making it easier to budget

Convenient Access

  • Ability to handle your legal affairs outside traditional business hours
  • Access to an experienced, licensed attorney virtually
  • Convenience of accessing legal services from wherever you like (i.e. home, office, work, from a cellphone, and just about anywhere you have access to a phone or internet)
  • No need to wait until the next business day to get help. Take care of it immediately when the issue arises
  • You can even pay online through our secure service

Quality Legal Service

  • Experienced licensed attorney and a staff of trained legal and business professionals
  • Still have confidentiality and quality legal service
  • Legal seminars and products are offered frequently to enhance services already offered
  • May be able to avoid going to court (most services)
  • If this office does not handle your type of case, we will gladly do our best to get you to an attorney who does. Now that is customer service.



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